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illume Property Maintenance

Providing expert repairs and renovations for our partners

Our mission to bring you best-in-class service extends to the comprehensive suite of maintenance services offered by the experienced professionals who comprise illume Property Maintenance, our in-house team dedicated to making repairs and improvements to our partners’ investment properties.

Whether it’s a minor project or a major renovation, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having illume Property Maintenance available. Together, our staff can strategically look at your project to create cost-effective and long-lasting solutions that protect and increase the value of your property.

illume Property Maintenance services include:

Property Improvements

Property Improvements

We perform an array of construction projects for commercial and residential properties to enhance the value of your investment.

  • Major electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Installing decking and fencing
  • Remodels and renovations
  • Rough framing and carpentry
  • Building additions onto homes
  • Installing and replacing tile counters, floors, and walls
  • Installing hardwood, vinyl, and laminate floors
  • Roof and gutter repairs and replacement
  • Interior and exterior painting



We address everyday tenant requests and other routine maintenance tasks.

  • Minor electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Appliance repairs
  • Annual inspections


Our staff responds 24/7 to after-hours emergency issues that can’t wait until morning. 

  • No air conditioning in hot weather
  • No heat in freezing weather
  • Broken locks and windows
  • Broken refrigerator
  • Major flooding

Move-in & Move-out

Move-in & Move-out

We complete the make-ready process of vacancies, preparing your residential and commercial units for occupancy.

  • Walkthroughs
  • Move-in and move-out inspections
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Painting
  • Caulking and grouting
  • Installing blinds and window coverings

Experienced Rental Property Construction Management

Our experienced and capable Maintenance Operations Manager, Brennan Taylor, oversees every project, putting more than a quarter-century of experience in the maintenance and construction industries to work for you. Brennan has a wealth of knowledge as a superintendent and property manager building apartment complexes, condominiums, and single-family homes. He is especially skilled at tackling myriad challenges — from solving problems in the field to resolving a client’s concerns.

Our team draws from 25-plus years of experience in construction work throughout the Portland, OR metro area to deliver reliable and consistent results that withstand multiple tenancies. We offer A-plus customer service with a smile. Contact us today to get started.

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