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8 Innovative Features to Upgrade Your Kitchen

8 Innovative Features to Upgrade Your Kitchen

You don’t need to overhaul your entire kitchen or do significant renovations to upgrade the space. A few innovative features can help modernize its design and make your kitchen more efficient. Here are a few of our favorite inventive features that can easily upgrade your kitchen.

1) Vertical pull-out cabinets

These cabinets are gaining popularity as a sleek and space-saving kitchen feature. They are ideal storage for dry goods and other pantry items. A well-designed vertical pull-out cabinet can double your storage space. Added design bonus, you can’t even it’s there.

2)  Built-in coffee machine

If you are a coffee lover and have the budget to install a built-in coffee machine, go for it. This will add a wow factor to your kitchen, and you can easily skip your daily coffee shop run. Again, built-in coffee machines are pricey, so this is not for everyone.

3) Bar style wine storage

Instead of hiding your wine glasses inside your cupboard, why not display them? For example, wall-mounted solid wood wine storage systems can hold up to 32 wine glasses. There’s even more storage space on top of the shelf that can hold wine bottles or other barware. This is an innovative feature that’s both stylish and practical.

4) Handless kitchen design

Consider a handless kitchen if you want an innovative feature that can instantly update your kitchen. This design has no visible handles or knobs on cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. It results in a clean, sleek, and uncluttered look. This innovative style is especially popular with those who want modern and minimalist kitchens.

5) Kitchen island storage

Many kitchen islands are solid on the sides. However, you can have built-in shelves that can add needed storage space. Use these side shelves for cookbooks or even wine bottles.  

6) Hide your appliances

This falls under major renovation but hiding your kitchen appliances is an innovative feature we can't miss. Nowadays, you can conceal practically every kitchen appliance you need-from the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. The great thing about hiding your appliances is that it doesn't interfere with your kitchen's design and aesthetics.

7) Statement lighting

In the past, kitchen lighting was all about function over form. People wanted well-lit and bright kitchens to make sure they could see what they were cooking. That's still true today, but now people are paying more attention to lighting fixtures in the kitchen. Add a statement piece to upgrade your kitchen's look and feel instantly modern.

8) Kitchen home office

Working remotely is now a part of everyday life. However, having an extra room to turn into a home office is not an option for everyone. One innovative option is to turn a corner of your kitchen into a small yet efficient workspace. Turn a kitchen cabinet into a small desk with storage above. You have an instant home office that you can tuck away anytime.

These are a few innovative ways to update your kitchen. Pick one that best fits your need and budget, and we're sure you'll start loving your upgraded kitchen again.

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