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Top 7 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Top 7 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Does your kitchen have a vast, useless space in the middle of its floorplan? Do you wish you had more counter space or casual seating in your kitchen? At illume Property Partners, we want your kitchen to serve you well and provide maximum benefits to your lifestyle and the value of your home. Let's explore how replacing your central kitchen void with an island will increase your kitchen's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

1. Maximum Storage Without All the Clutter

No matter the size or layout, there never seems to be sufficient storage space in a kitchen. We make sacrifices and try to make it work, but it doesn't need to be that way! Adding an island to your kitchen is an effective way to dramatically increase the amount of storage space available to you. Whether it's cabinets, drawers, or any number of customizable storage solutions, everything will have a place, and you'll no longer need to stress over kitchen clutter. 

2. Casual Seating for Family Gathering and Entertaining

Whether you have a large, extended family with children or regularly entertain groups of friends, kitchen islands provide a casual seating alternative to the dining room table. This setup allows togetherness without your friends and family intruding on your cooking workspace. Raise their side of the island countertop and add some stylish barstools, and it'll be the perfect place for them to drink, chat, work on homework, or just give you the space you need to create. 

3. Designated Workspace for Master Chefs

Fighting for counter space is another issue all too common for kitchen dwellers. Between appliances, ingredients, and other miscellaneous items, your workspace is suddenly on top of your cookbook. With a kitchen island, you can define your prep area and keep it clear of distractions. Add a sink to your island workspace with a pullout trash can for increased functionality, limiting the hectic back-and-forth dance. Another benefit to raising the guest's side of the island is that your workspace will feel separated and private while still allowing you to interact with your loved ones.

4. Counter Space Galore with Greater Surface Area

With the increased counter space a kitchen island brings, you can customize it to satisfy your every need. Do you have a collection of tabletop appliances? We can install extra outlets on your island so that you can use as many of them as you'd like without needing to carry each machine across the kitchen to the one outlet that works. Extra counter space also allows you to have all your ingredients laid out while you prep, ensuring nothing gets forgotten. 

5. Personal Decorative Touches to Show Off Your Personality

Another way to take advantage of the extra surface area a kitchen island provides is to add personal decorative touches such as a cookbook stand, basket of fruit, or vase of fresh flowers. It's your space – make it beautiful!

6. Customized for You and Designed with Your Passions in Mind

Whether your specialty is baking cakes, canning jam, or serving multi-course brunch, we can customize your kitchen island to suit your needs. Add a second oven with a warming drawer, a few chilled drawers for storing produce, or another stove with a grill. We'll help you design your island around your passions, outfitting it with everything you need to level up your cooking game.

7. The Focal Point that You Can’t Help but Notice

A kitchen island immediately draws eyes, establishing it as an ideal gathering place as well as a captivating design element. It highlights the style of the kitchen while masking the more ordinary parts. Add some personal flair with candles and a potted plant, and nobody will be able to look away! 

The capabilities of a quality crafted kitchen island are nearly endless. Illume Property Partners is prepared to help you discover how they could improve your life, as well as the value of your home. We'll work with you to identify your priorities, then build you an island that will transform your kitchen into a practical, stylish space that makes you feel proud.