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10 Kitchen Design Trends You Need to See

10 Kitchen Design Trends You Need to See

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodeling plan? Then you need to see these hot kitchen design trends going viral right now.

1. Seeing green

Pantone may have declared Very Peri as 2022’s color of the year, but green remains the shade of choice for many homeowners in the know. This is especially true for homeowners who have opted to continue working remotely instead of returning to the office.

Green is such a relaxing color and brings the outdoors inside your home. So if you intend to use your kitchen as a home office, green is perfect for creating a calm and focused atmosphere for work.

2. Pops of color

But what if you’re not crazy about green? No worries! Another emerging kitchen design trend is an all-white kitchen brought to vibrant life with pops of bold colors. A white kitchen is a timeless classic that will only add value to your home if you put it up on the market.

However, a few accents and accessories in brilliant shades of your favorite color will infuse the space with your personality. Try decorating with a vase of flowers or maybe a painting. You can also put some colorful dinnerware or cookware on display.

3. Dramatic backsplash

Expressing one’s personality became a significant factor in home design during the pandemic. Aside from the color pops mentioned earlier, homeowners are adding character to their kitchen through dramatic backsplash choices.

Many opted for glazed tiles that reflect natural light, while some preferred tiles with eye-catching geographic patterns. On the other hand, some played with mixing tiles with different patterns, colors, and even sizes.

4. More natural light

Speaking of natural light, letting more of it into your kitchen is one of the hottest kitchen design trends emerging right now. Health became a big concern during the pandemic, and exposure to natural light provides many health benefits. If you plan on doing a major kitchen remodel, you can knock down your wall to make space for larger windows.

What if adding windows isn’t possible at all? You can add more natural light to your kitchen by ditching window drapes or painting your walls with light-reflecting colors. Additionally, you can decorate with glass or mirrors.

5. Natural materials

Using natural materials like wood, stone, marble, and metal are coming back in a big way. It’s part of the bigger trend of bringing the outdoors into the home. When used correctly, natural materials can give a space an air of warm elegance, a quality you’d want in a stylish kitchen.

You have many easy options for including natural elements in your kitchen design. Wooden cabinetry is a classic example, as is the marble or granite countertop. Adding a statement metal range hood is also the rage right now.

6. Smart tech

Smart tech is yet another kitchen design trend that is seeing increasing demand. Using smart appliances and other home tech in your kitchen can save you time and effort. Imagine preheating your oven or setting up your coffee maker from your phone or appliances that clean themselves.

However, homeowner convenience isn’t the only driving force behind smart kitchen tech’s growth. Many have become conscious of spreading germs from the kitchen to the rest of the home and have invested in touchless faucets and hands-free cleaning gadgets. Others have installed tech that will allow them to use power, water, and heat more efficiently. 

7. Vintage statement pieces

If you’re spending more time at home, you’d likely want your space to have a warm and lived-in feel. One way of creating that vibe in your kitchen is by placing a couple of vintage statement pieces. They’ll make an interesting contrast with your modern and smart appliances. Plus, they’re an instant topic of conversation if/when you invite guests to your home. 

Maybe you have an heirloom rug or furniture piece waiting for a new purpose. Or perhaps your grandma gave you a stunning handmade table runner or afghan. If you don’t have items like these, you can easily shop around for affordable vintage that suits your taste.

8. More storage

Kitchen storage space became premium during the pandemic. We’ve learned to stock up on essentials and bought gadgets that make self-isolating at home more bearable. Plus, the kitchen has become more than just a place for cooking and eating.

You can optimize your kitchen space by adding more storage. For example, you can transform an empty corner by adding open corner shelving. Additionally, you can maximize your cabinet space by installing dividers and organizers.

9. Pet-friendly spaces

Many of us have adopted pets during the pandemic. With the kitchen being where your family tends to spend the most time, it only makes sense to adapt a part of that space to suit your fur babies.

One way to do it is to install a feeding drawer in an out-of-the-way kitchen cabinet. If your pet is a messy eater or likes to graze throughout the day, you can transform a counter bottom into an open feeding station.

10. Partitions

Homeowners who once favored open plans are now opting to close off their kitchens with partitions, especially if the kitchen doubles as a home office. Partitions allow them to separate themselves from the rest of the family when they need to focus on work or want a few moments alone.

You have many options when it comes to installing partitions in your kitchen. For instance, a glass partition can help you keep an eye on your kids in the next room while you’re busy in the kitchen. A collapsible partition gives you flexibility if you’re low on space.

These are just a few of the most popular kitchen design trends right now. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen and need some ideas, feel free to contact us.