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Top 10 Creative Cabinetry Solutions for Your Kitchen

Top 10 Creative Cabinetry Solutions for Your Kitchen

After a few years of using your kitchen every single day, things inevitably start to accumulate. It might seem like you never have enough kitchen cabinet space. If you can’t completely overhaul your kitchen, the first solution is to declutter. The second solution is to make use of creative cabinet solutions for your kitchen to maximize storage space. Here are our top ten recommendations:

1. Use kitchen cabinet doors as extra storage space.

An easy way to instantly add storage space to any kitchen is to use cabinet door organizers. Simply hook them on the insides of your kitchen cabinets. These organizers can hold chopping boards, baking pans, spatulas, trays, and more. 

2. Add 2-tier organizers inside your kitchen cabinets.

Another creative way to add storage space to kitchen cabinets is to use 2-tier organizers, also known as risers. By adding them inside your kitchen cabinets, you’ll instantly double the space. They’re great for keeping spices, vitamin bottles, and other containers.

3. Use the space above your refrigerator.

The space on top of a refrigerator is often unused. One way to maximize the space is to put a cabinet in this spot. Ideally, this is done when the kitchen is still being constructed, you can still do it on a finished kitchen.

4. Use open shelving.

If renovating your kitchen is an option, consider replacing your closed cabinets with open shelves, or you’re still in the design stage. This will force you only to keep what you need and, at the same time, keep it nice and clean.

5. Add shelves to your backsplash.

One creative way of adding more kitchen storage space is to add glass shelves to your backsplash. This gives you extra space to store glassware. Since both the shelves and the glassware are clear, they’ll seem almost invisible, keeping your backsplash still visible.

6. Put cabinet space on your kitchen island.

This is best done when a kitchen is still under construction or renovation. Add shallow cabinets or drawers on the sides of the island for extra kitchen storage space.

7. Use pocket doors to hide a kitchen workspace.

You can use folding pocket doors to conceal the counter space and cabinet area if you want genuinely creative kitchen storage. When closed, you can use the counter inside to store things you want out of sight.

8. Add a shelf above a kitchen window.

Again, be creative in using all the space you have available in your kitchen. Space above a window can hold a narrow shelf for bottles and condiments.

9. Use cutting board slots.

A designated cutting board cabinet with vertical slot separators prevent cutting boards, trays, baking pans from taking up space in a messy heap.

10. Add narrow shelves and hooks anywhere you can.

If you want to get extra creative about adding storage to your kitchen cabinets. Try to fit in any narrow shelves and hooks anywhere you can. It may not be the cleanest look, but it will instantly add storage space to your kitchen. 

These creative cabinet solutions will instantly add storage to any kitchen. Try some of them and enjoy the extra space you’ll find.

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