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Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

During the term of your lease, you will be required to take normal care and perform normal maintenance on the property and its equipment. Please click the links below for general maintenance procedures.

Heating Systems:

Forced air furnace systems: The furnace contains one or two air filters. It is your responsibility to keep these filters clean. Filters are to be removed and cleaned or replaced monthly. The entire burner area and pilot light area are to be thoroughly vacuumed annually. If this is not done, the furnace will operate sporadically or run too frequently, resulting in excessive heating costs.

Baseboard or wall heaters should be vacuumed once a month.


Tenants are responsible for keeping the drains free of grease, hair, lint, or food, which clog drains if not flushed out occasionally with a liquid chemical drain cleaner. The Owner will pay ONLY for stoppages caused by faulty construction, such as mortar, stones or tree roots in the sewer. If you are unable to clear a stoppage, you will need to call a drain clearing service at your own expense. If the drain service determines the stoppage was caused by mortar, stones or tree roots, you will be reimbursed for the expense.

Mold and Mildew:

If Tenants notice a mold or mildew problem, please contact A&G Rental Management, LLC immediately so we may assess the problem.


Tenants are responsible for maintaining grounds in the same condition as provided. Maintenance includes watering, weeding, mowing, edging, fertilizing and raking. Watering should begin before lawn and shrubs dry out. A lawn that has dried or turned brown will take many times the normal amount of water to revive.


Know the location of the water turn off valves for the house. It will be important to shut off the water immediately in the case of a broken pipe. Disconnect all hoses on outside faucets. Shut off hose valves (usually located under a sink or in the garage). Turn on outside faucets to drain the lines. In freezing weather, maintain heat to a minimum of 60 degrees. Open the cabinet doors under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Open taps allowing faucets to slowly drip. Turn the water off and drain any irrigation system (usually located near the meter). Open all drains. Run the system through all cycles until no water remains in the system. Turn the system off and close the drains. Any exposed pipes (not underground) should be drained of all water and wrapped to prevent freezing.

In case of frozen or broken pipes, turn water off at the main shut off valve. It may be located at the street in front of the house. If there is gushing water, you can usually obtain emergency assistance by calling the local water company or the fire department.

If you plan to be away during possible freezing weather, please arrange for someone to check your home on a regular basis. This representative should inspect the premises for weather damage and maintain the dripping faucet. Please give your representative A&G Rental Management, LLCs phone number and instruct them to call us in the event of an emergency. We should be contacted quickly to limit damage and make timely repairs. The phone number to report emergencies after-hours is: 503-850-8740.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if your property has not been appropriately prepared for winter conditions, you will be responsible for any damage. We don’t want to see this happen, so take time to insure your home is ready for winter! Call us if we can help you with any questions or concerns.