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Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide

Do you have a NON-EMERGENCY maintenance issue? Please review this trouble shooting guide which may resolve your issue. If this does not help you please submit a Maintenance Request.


No power for a specified room:

General Power Outage:


Dishwasher will not turn on:

Stove is shocking you:

Stove eye (electric burner) is not working:

Refrigerator is not cooling and/or freezing:

Garbage disposal is not working:

Garbage disposal smells:


Air conditioner not cooling at all or properly:

Heat not working at all or not properly:

No heat with Gas/Oil Heat:


Low Water Pressure:

Plumbing is backing up, (torrential rains) septic tanks only:

Plumbing is backing up, septic tank.


Stopped up toilet:

Drains are clogged:

Water is leaking, broken pipe (inside, outside or under the house):

Washing machine is leaking:


For any of the following problems, please call 503-850-8740 and the operator will contact A&G Rental Management, LLC immediately.