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What Does it Cost to Upsize Your Apartment?

What Does it Cost to Upsize Your Apartment?

An article from Rental Housing Journal shows how much it would cost to upgrade your apartment around the country with one extra bedroom. The article cites a study from RentCafe , stating that "The average American renter could make the switch to an apartment with an extra bedroom for $200 per month."

But what about in Oregon? Here are the most affordable cities in the Portland Metro area to upsize your apartment:

1. Gresham: $76
2. Tigard: $83
3. Hillsboro: $126
4. Beaverton: $234
5. Vancouver: $247

The study shows that the cheapest city to upgrade in the United States is Portsmouth, VA, where it would cost just $25/month to upsize to an extra bedroom. In addition, the only major city in the US where you could upgrade to an extra bedroom for less than $100 is Memphis, TN.

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