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Top Trends in Bathroom Paint Colors in 2021

Top Trends in Bathroom Paint Colors in 2021

White bathrooms are classic yet safe choices for any home. Although you can never go wrong with a bright white bathroom, it might start getting boring after a while. A splash of color or a boldly painted wall can break up the monotony and liven up the space. Because a bathroom is often among the smaller rooms of a home, it’s a great place to experiment with some color. Here are a few of the top trends in bathroom paint colors in 2021.

1. Gray and neutral

If you still want a classic look for your bathroom, add some shades of gray to your bathroom. Whether it’s a pale gray or a dark gray, a gray and white bathroom creates an elegant and modern feel in the space.

2. Navy and white

For a bolder look, change the tiles of your shower area to navy, or swap your white vanity for a dresser painted in classic navy. This will add drama and contrast to the bathroom, and you’ll want to spend more time in the bathroom just to admire your new space.

3. Neutral shades

Different neutral colors like beige, brown, light peach, and white are top color trends this year. These colors create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, make it predominantly white with touches of beige and brown to make it feel bigger.

4. Peach and coral

Add a subtle pop of color to your bathroom with touches of peach or light coral. These fresh shades will bring warmth to the space and are still light enough to keep it neutral. Mix a peach shade with white for an overall refreshing feel. 

5. Shades of green

Green is a big color in interior design this year, and you can certainly use it in your bathroom as well. There are a variety of green shades available-from mint green to sage. Try painting the main wall a light shade of mint green to add a subtle color. If you want a bolder look, you can change your white vanity into a dark green one.

6. Black and white

For an extra dramatic look, go all out with a black and white bathroom. You can paint your walls black to contrast with white floors and white sinks. If you want to deck out the whole bathroom in black and white, look for patterned black and white floor tiles that are sure to leave a striking impression. 

These are just several color combinations that are among the top trends in bathroom paint colors this year. The most important thing to remember is to use colors that you like and make you happy. Don’t use colors just because they’re this year’s hottest colors or because they’re on-trend colors. A bathroom is often a place of relaxation and where “alone time” happens, so make sure you use colors that you want to see every single day and help make you love your bathroom space.

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