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Top Tips on How to Remodel a Small Kitchen

Top Tips on How to Remodel a Small Kitchen

If a kitchen feels too small, it can be hard to enjoy it as the heart of the home. No one wants to gather and hang out in a cramped and uncomfortable space. Fortunately, there are different ways to make a kitchen feel spacious and more pleasant. In our opinion, the most important thing to do when remodeling a small kitchen is to make it look and feel bigger. 

First, determine the budget and timeline for your remodel. Next, look at these top tips to consider when remodeling a kitchen:

1) Think of your priority list

What are the most important things you want to change in the kitchen? Depending on your budget, what updates make the most sense? You may want to change the entire kitchen, but this may not be workable. Consider changing appliances, updating the flooring, or increasing the counter space instead.

2) Check the layout

During a remodel, check if you can improve the flow of the existing kitchen layout. Maybe you can increase the size of the countertops and or change the refrigerator's location for a more efficient flow. If the flow of a kitchen makes you move around unnecessarily, it can make the kitchen feel even smaller.

3) Make it feel bigger by opening up the kitchen cabinets

If cabinets are a priority, think of the existing cabinets. Closed-off kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen feel even smaller. Sometimes, they can even turn into dead space when the cook can’t easily reach the things inside, and there is no space for a step stool or ladder. Switch traditional boxy and closed cabinets to open shelving and instantly open up your kitchen. 

4) Use glass in the kitchen cabinet doors

If you want a simple remodel to make the kitchen feel bigger. Consider using glass door cabinets to make your cabinet feel more spacious. Glass allows light to travel around the room. This makes the entire kitchen feel bigger and brighter.  

4) Change the flooring

One major thing to consider during a kitchen remodel is the flooring. A kitchen floor can also make a kitchen feel bigger or smaller. To make the kitchen feel larger, consider continuing the same flooring throughout the entire house. Of course, make sure the flooring is kitchen-friendly, like ceramic tiles or hardwood. Double-check your budget and timeline if changing the floor works for you. 

6) Consider the current appliances  

You may also consider updating your kitchen appliances to smaller and sleeker models during a remodel. For example, an old stove may be taking up more space than necessary. A smaller stove or a sleeker sink can give the kitchen extra room and make it feel bigger. These are also important kitchen remodeling aspects to consider. 

Budget, timeline, and materials are all important during a kitchen renovation. Take a good look at your priority list before starting the remodel. Decide if you want to remodel the entire space or just repaint and switch kitchen appliances. There are different things you can do that fit your style and budget. Any of these tips can instantly improve your kitchen. 

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Source: DIY Network 

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