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The Harsh Consequences of Oregon's Rental Crisis

The Harsh Consequences of Oregon's Rental Crisis

When it comes to the rental crisis in Oregon, there are many perspectives. Landlords may argue that eviction moratoriums are hurting their business and preventing them from fixing up properties for new tenants.

Tenants may argue that these laws protect them from unfair rent increases or no-cause evictions. What is clear is that every perspective has a story; some more drastic than others.

As a compromise, Oregon has agreed to pay back landlords with funds sent from the federal government. This initiative hasn't been nearly as productive as landlords have hoped.

Here is how this situation is hurting landlords and the entire state of Oregon.

Landlords Are Rapidly Losing Money

Every month that a tenant doesn't pay rent is money lost for the landlord. The longer they stay, the more time there is to accumulate missed payments and fees.

When eviction moratoriums prevent their removal from properties with delinquent tenants, landlords cannot access those funds or leave them in good standing as an incentive to find new renters.

The Housing Market is Being Negatively Affected

When landlords cannot access funds to fix up properties, they are less likely to be able-bodied enough or have the financial stability to do so.

This is damaging for potential renters as it means that there will continue to be an abundance of poorly maintained homes on the market.

Every month that someone stays in a home without paying rent increases their chances of falling back into homelessness.

The longer this continues, the more detrimental it becomes both during and after eviction proceedings since these people may not pay fees associated with them either.

Oregon Has Done Almost Nothing to Help

Oregon has received more than $280 million in state and federal dollars for its rental assistant program. The program has a September 30th deadline, yet the state has only paid $20 million to Oregonians.

These dollars are just sitting in Oregon's bank account, while both renters and landlords are suffering throughout the state.

Something Must Change!

The Oregon rental crisis is damaging to both renters and landlords. Something must change if the housing market is to stabilize. Luckily, you can push Governor Brown to fix this issue by signing this petition.

The quicker you sign this petition, the more impact Oregonians can make before millions of dollars in rental assistance are all gone.