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Property Management Trends in a Post-covid Era

Property Management Trends in a Post-covid Era

The covid pandemic has introduced several changes in how businesses are handled on a global scale. Property management too has been affected by these changes. With the present technology on hand, businesses involving property management have been able to adjust and cope with this unusual situation. 

At this time, it may be safe to assume that these changes may be permanent, given the unpredictability of this ongoing pandemic.

So how can you adjust to this whole new scenario? Here are some trends that are slowly emerging for property managers across the globe.

The Use of Technology

The pandemic became a reason for people to cancel in-person meetings, as well as for many employees to work from home. Industries survived all of these thanks to technological advancements such as cloud computing, mobile technology and virtual or augmented reality.

Although there are many aspects of property management that need to be addressed in person, such as rule enforcement or violation of community rules, the pandemic has forced property managers to make use of technology in order to comply with restrictions that were imposed during the pandemic’s peak.

Rethinking Public Spaces

Social distancing had been and still is a key in managing the spread of covid. Public spaces and the use of amenities have to be adjusted to ensure that social distancing can be implemented in the said spaces. Safety, after all, is part of the main concerns of property management. 

For this reason, protocols regarding the use of amenities -- such as the need for reservations for the use of amenities -- have to be put in place. Given the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, it also is advisable that long-term planning be made just in case restrictions and policies do not change in the future.

Working from Home

Countries across the globe have seen an increase in employees working from their own homes, especially during the lockdowns.

It is, therefore, the role of property management to ensure that individuals feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own homes now more than ever. They should also assure residents of amenities and common spaces that can provide a comfortable working environment after seeing this current trend.

In fact, it would be wise for property managers to study this trend in the workforce and capitalize on it as well in order to attract new homeowners to the area.

Changes in Maintenance Protocols

An aspect of property management often ignored is the need for constant maintenance. Never has this been more important than now. 

Communication between residents and property managers when it comes to maintenance requests have taken a more technical approach. Along with this comes the need for maintenance personnel whose needs for safety too have to be met.

All these changes may need a more thorough approach to budgeting and decision making, especially when it comes to large-scale maintenance.

While changes were expected in how property management is carried out, the pandemic seems to have pushed for these changes much sooner than expected. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, being aware of these trends will help you prepare for more changes that are to come as the pandemic continues to drastically shape the future that is to come. 

We, at Illume Property Management, have made sure that we are prepared for the demands of homeowners because we believe in being not only managers, but partners. We are part of your community. Read on to see what services we offer that can help your community adjust to what is needed during and after the Covid pandemic.