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Professional Strategies to Promote Your Rental Vacancy

Erlin Taylor - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Once you make the decision to rent your home or condo, it can be more challenging than you think when it comes to choosing who to trust with the tenant selection and overall property management, rental responsibilities and maintenance of your home. 

At A & G Rental Management we work to make it as quick and easy on both owners and tenants alike. Once you have chosen A & G, we kick into action by immediately placing your property into our vast network of real estate agents in the Portland metro area, relocation offices of major companies and our large list of approved and anxious tenants to be. 

 Promoting your available space is important when looking for a fast and reliable rental agreement. To help this process along, we utilize all of our advertising options with external signs for passers by to see, conducting regular open houses that bring in lots of prospective renters, and of course our clients are represented on the A & G Rental Management website. We employ our connections within the professional listing sites we subscribe to connect all available rental properties under our management with those seeking them. 

 Our objective is to put together owner/tenant relationships that are lasting, but occasionally life gets in the way. As soon as we get notice of lease termination from the renter, we request permission from the property owner to put that residence back on the rental market. In doing so, most of the properties we manage take very little time to evolve back into a happy tenant/landlord relationship. The winter months can be a little slower here in the Pacific Northwest, but with the efforts of A & G Rental Management, we frequently fill those vacancies in two to four weeks. 

Give the professional team at A&G Rental Management a call if we can help you fill your next rental vacancy!