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Portland Rental Rate Increase Rules: April 2016

Erlin Taylor - Friday, May 27, 2016

Increases in rental rates is on the minds of both landlords and residents here in Portland Oregon.  The legal team at Illume Property Management has studied the rules carefully, and we wanted to share with everyone the language in effect for any increases in rent occurring on or after April 14, 2016.  If a notice has been sent prior to that date, but the actual increase occurs on or after April 14, 2016, the new law applies.

  • If the tenancy is a month-to-month (“MTM”) tenancy, then no rent increases allowed during the first year after the MTM tenancy begins

    • Should not affect any existing MTM tenancies that have been in existence for a year or more

  • 90 Day Notice required for any rent increases in a MTM tenancy after the first year of the MTM tenancy

    • Rent increase notice must include:

      • The amount of the increase

      • The amount of the new rent

      • The date the increase becomes effective

  • Statute does not address rent increases at renewal of fixed terms tenancy

    • Our position

      • If tenant signs fixed term renewal, no specific notice required

      • If tenant does not sign and rental agreement rolls into MTM then 90 day notice required prior to when it rolls into MTM- rent increase must occur simultaneously with conversion to MTM

      • If agreement rolls into MTM, then no additional rent increases for one-year after the conversion to MTM (does not matter how long tenant occupied under fixed term agreement)

If Illume Property Management can provide additional clarification to our current or future clients, please contact us by phone or email.