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Portland: 90-Day Rent Increase & Eviction Notice Rules

Erlin Taylor - Friday, April 8, 2016

With Portland Oregon’s recent boom in population, resulting housing shortages and trending rental rate increases, the Portland City Council recently adopted important new rules which impact landlords, property managers and rental residents when it comes to handling rent increases or eviction notices. 

 Effective November 13, 2015: Landlords are required to give their tenants at least 90 days notice on any rental rate increases of 5% or more. This same notification period applies to any no-cause eviction situations. Other rules apply to short-term rentals; read all the details in this article link

 "It's definitely going to be challenging to get this information out to everyone that needs to know about it," said Deborah Imse, executive director of Multifamily Northwest. 

Illume Property Management principles, Erlin Taylor and Melanie Adrian are committed to helping to get the word out by proactively passing along this information to the property owners they represent as well as the residents living in the properties under their management. 

“Being informed makes for an easier transition into or out of any leasing agreement for all parties, which is our ultimate goal as a responsible property management firm,” said Erlin Taylor. 

Because of the concern about these new policies not getting passed on to those who can benefit most from them, Illume Property Management invites their clients to contact them directly by phone at 503-241-0676 or via the Contact Us form on our website with any questions regarding this important policy change.