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How to Choose Between These 8 Popular Bathroom Sink Styles

How to Choose Between These 8 Popular Bathroom Sink Styles

If you’re remodeling your current bathroom or renovating an investment property, you’ll probably want to update or change the bathroom sink. A sink's design has a significant impact on the overall design of a bathroom, and you should consider the hundreds of bathroom sink options available before choosing one. 

Here are eight popular bathroom sink styles:

1) Drop in sinks

Drop in sinks, also known as self-rimming sinks, are widely used and easy to install. These are great options for bathrooms with existing countertops because you can remove the old sink quickly and easily install a new one. They are also durable and well-priced.

2) Undermount sinks 

These types of sinks mount to the bottom of the countertop. They are typically held in place by adhesive or special clips. The sink’s rim is not visible because it rests up against the bottom of the countertop, so it stays hidden. If you need more counter space, this is the style you should choose because the counter extends over the sink.

3) Vessel sinks

Not as common as drop in and undermount sinks, vessel sinks sit right on top of the counter. If you want your sink to make a statement and not just blend into the bathroom, this design will work well for you. Vessel sinks can come in a variety of materials such as glass, porcelain, or stone.

4) Integrated sinks

An integrated sink is a sink with a seamless extension of the countertop. The sink's material is often the same as the countertop, such as marble or stone. These usually have to be custom-built to fit the material and size you need and want.

5) Apron front sinks

Apron front sinks, sometimes called farmhouse sinks, are popular among people who like contemporary designs. Ironically, this design came from the 17th century, but the design is widely popular today. This type of sink does not have a countertop in front, so the user does not need lean to forward much to reach the faucet.  

6) Pedestal sinks

If your bathroom is short on space, a pedestal sink will work well. This is a space-saving design and comes in a variety of styles and materials. Take note that this self-supporting sink does not have any storage space at all. 

7) Wall-mounted sinks

Another space-saving sink is the wall-mounted sink. This type of sink comes in a wide variety of sizes, so no matter how tiny your bathroom is, you'll find a wall-mounted sink design that will fit. Most are modern in design, but if you prefer a vintage look, a few designs are available in the market.

8) Console sink

A console sink is the combination of a pedestal sink, and a wall mounted sink. Think more of a wall-mounted sink with thin legs. The legs are often steel or brass and add to the overall design of the bathroom.

Before you choose what kind of sink you get, think of your overall bathroom aesthetic, budget, and available space. These are the major factors that will determine which bathroom sink styles will work best for you.

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