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Holiday Safety Tips: What You Should Know

Holiday Safety Tips: What You Should Know

Christmas is forthcoming, and while the threat of COVID 19 still lingers, there is no fathomable reason not to decorate your abode with the holiday festivities. However, before you jump in and get too engrossed decorating your home with trinkets and whatnot, it is highly recommended to go through these simple yet practical tips to have a safe and Merry Christmas, indeed!

Gut the Gutter Out

When autumn passes and leaves stop falling, gutters remain unnoticed. This holiday, it is high time to check your gutters for piled-up leaves, twigs, and debris. Unclogging troughs and pipes will save your property from imminent danger.

Snows and ice are also potential disasters. Additional checks after winter are also recommended.

Shovel the Steps

With your loved ones coming over for the holidays, you don’t want them greeting you with broken limbs and trunks: clear pathways, entryways, and driveways from ice and snow.

Wipe the Weather Out

Undoubtedly, the Christmas breeze brings good vibes, but the inclement weather can be a discomfort at some point. Ensure that heat reinforcement generators are correctly working and in place. Make sure to leave the heater in low mode to avoid frozen and icy pipes.

Lock up your Luggage

If you are leaving, make sure to guard your valuables. The only thing that allows thieves to break in is NEGLIGENCE. Check that knobs and locks are in place. Check for damaged doors and windows, too. Keep balconies and terraces secure at all times.

Installing a video doorbell is a must, too. This technology allows complete visibility of what’s going on in and around your house. 

Check the Connections

Adorning your walls and windows with glimmering lights is a sure win, but they can be indeed scary when a fire breaks loose. Check for broken bulbs, loose connections, and exposed wirings.

Be Discreet in Decorating

Christmas decors bring unexplainable joy and peace. Wreaths, angels, flickering lights, and balls are sights to see. However, according to Rospa, 1000 people get hurt while decorating their Christmas trees each year. You and your family can avoid this mishap.

  • Use only approved and standard ornamental lights.
  • A chair is not a ladder. So use one to reach the peak of your Christmas tree.
  • Keep children away from potential dangers. Trinkets are decorations for you, but for kids, they are candies. Choking-hazard pieces, metallic sprays, silver dust, and sharp objects may bring more disaster than decoration.

Check the Cooking Appliances

Holidays are good times to show off your prized recipes. But before you get too excited with the prep, check all your kitchen tools. Are they in good shape? Are the screws and bolts of your blender, broiler, microwave, and mixer grinder in place? Also, do not forget the kitchen hoods and kitchen exhausts. Make sure it is drawing air. Christmas lights and music should dominate your home and not smoke and fire alarms.

Christmas holidays should be spent with your family at home and not with a physician in a hospital. Observing these tips will save you a trip to one. Happy holidays!

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