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Exploring the 12 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Exploring the 12 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

When choosing a style for your kitchen cabinets, the possible combinations and customizations are nearly endless. We're going to focus on and explore the most popular styles so that you can envision which options would best suit your ideal kitchen.


Combining various materials, colors, and decorative features, traditional cabinets boast a fresh take on older styles of mixed textures and patterns. They marry chaos and balance, creating an engaging space that's also comfortable and homey.


When picturing modern cabinets, think sleek and simple with sharp lines. The frames, doors, and hardware are understated and often include multiple human-made materials such as laminates, metal, glass, and plastic. Frosted glass doors are a classic example of modern cabinet design.


Contemporary cabinets share many characteristics with modern cabinets. They embody a clean, minimalist design and are composed of the same types of materials. What sets them apart is a flat surface and absence of trim and embellishment. They're typically white, grey, or black but can also be a bold accent color, depending on your preferences.


Despite the shaker style being centuries old, these cabinets lend themselves well to modern and contemporary kitchen designs due to their simple, clean aesthetic. They typically exhibit flat paneled doors with rail frames made of durable wood such as maple, cherry, hickory, and quartersawn oak. The surface is usually either left natural or stained to accentuate the colors in the wood. You can also paint shaker cabinets to match the rest of your kitchen.


Typically made of pine, oak, cherry, hickory, or maple wood, rustic cabinets are ideal for a kitchen that sees constant activity. Their warm tones and imperfect nature create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Free of shine and flourishes, the pure wood gives an authentic, homey vibe to your kitchen.


Country-style cabinets are like rustic ones in that they feature strong, durable wood meant to be used. However, they are usually painted or glazed in a soft, creamy color. The painted cabinets usually have decorative panels and can be intentionally distressed, augmenting the cozy country vibe.

French Country

Including the material and antique façade of country cabinets, French country cabinets tend to be much more detailed in their craftwork. Often resembling furniture, intricate carvings are a fundamental characteristic of French country cabinets. As a nod to the traditional French countryside, this cabinet style is usually painted in light, warm earth tones. 


Particularly unique construction classifies mission-style cabinets as custom. Combining tasteful Spanish and Southwest US influences, these cabinets are characterized by straight lines and panel-faced doors. They're commonly made from oak or cherry, and the wood is either left in its natural color or stained to add intensity. Black hardware is the only decorative embellishment found on mission-style cabinets.


Bold colors, seamless design, and glossy finish are the staples of retro cabinets. Finish them off with large, chrome hardware, and you'll feel like you've stepped back in time – in the best way possible! Retro cabinets give homeowners a perfect opportunity to show off their personality with geometric shapes and fun colors. 


Rich, high-quality wood like maple or cherry are common choices for Italian-inspired kitchen cabinets. They're usually constructed with raised panels and decorative wooden accents. Dignified elegance is achieved through staining them rich brown tones or painting them a deep red or green. Adding bronze, iron, brass, or copper hardware adds to the warm, Mediterranean feel.


Born of the Arts and Crafts movement in late 19th century England, craftsman-style cabinets celebrate quality and individuality. They are usually custom-made by meticulous woodworkers, ensuring maximum durability and unique artistry. The heavy wood is customarily left in its original state with the option of a stain to magnify its natural beauty. 

Glass Front

If you're interested in showing off your gorgeous cookware or creating miniature focal points throughout your kitchen, glass-front cabinets may be the right choice for you. Combine them with solid cabinets for visual variety or illuminate the inside to draw attention.

Choosing the right style of cabinets for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but the knowledgeable and experienced staff at illume Property Partners are here to help guide you through the process. We'll take your individual preferences to heart and ensure you end up with a kitchen that fits your personalized style.