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Exploring Bathroom Vanity Styles

Exploring Bathroom Vanity Styles

A vanity can determine the overall look and feel of a bathroom. It plays a significant role in the bathroom’s design and also plays an important functional role. From modern to classic, there are hundreds of bathroom vanity styles to choose from.

First, let's define a bathroom vanity. It's a bathroom cabinet topped with a sink that provides storage and hides the sink's plumbing. A bathroom vanity can have a full cabinet with drawers. It can also be a scaled-down pedestal sink that does not offer storage but still covers the plumbing.

Here are a few of the most popular kinds of bathroom vanity styles:

1. Free-standing bathroom vanity

This style stands apart from the wall and room, similar to a dresser. This type of bathroom vanity has a sink built into the top and is often a very sturdy piece of cabinetry. Its price range and style vary, from affordably-priced options to expensive antiques transformed into a vanity.

2. Pedestal sink bathroom vanity

This type of bathroom vanity is ideal for bathrooms with limited space or for homeowners who have a clean or utilitarian look in mind. A pedestal skink bathroom vanity does not offer any counter space or storage. 

3. Vessel sink vanity

A vessel sink vanity pairs a free-standing vessel sink, such as a metalwork bowl or basin that sits on top of a vanity surface. This style has lots of design appeal and offers lots of design and storage and option, but it can be very costly and takes up a lot of room.

4. Wall-hung sink vanity

These types of vanities have no legs and are, as the name suggests, hung on the wall. Because they do not extend to the floor, they offer less storage compared to other vanity styles. They have a more contemporary appearance and can help give the illusion of a large bathroom. Designs can range from ornate to minimal.

5. Framed sink vanity

The sink drops into a countertop and is rimmed with a metal frame. This style is found in apartments, older homes, and newer inexpensive homes. They are often installed into plastic laminate countertops.

6. Drop-in sink vanity

This is also referred to as a self-rimming sink or surface-mounted sink and installed in a vanity countertop. This is a common design and found in both newer and older bathrooms. These sinks can be installed into any type of countertop, including stone, ceramic, or plastic laminate. 

7. Cabinet style vanity

This style can hold most types of bathroom sinks and have countless styles available. This style offers lots of storage space, and the countertops supporting the sink can range from plastic laminate, natural granite or quartz.

There are hundreds of vanity styles available, depending on your budget, style, and preference. While some types offer lots of storage, remember that you have to consider the total space of the bathroom as well. Sometimes, a pedestal vanity is the only style that will fit, even if you prefer a cabinet style. We hope this article helped give you a better idea of what style works best for your bathroom’s needs.

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