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Bathroom Sinks: Why Two Are Better Than One

Bathroom Sinks: Why Two Are Better Than One

Most of us grew up with just one bathroom sink. But these days, two sinks in one bathroom are steadily gaining popularity, so you may find yourself wondering if it’s a good idea. With a little bit of research and some feedback from our clients, here is our list of why two bathroom sinks are better than one: 

Two sinks reduce waiting time.

If you’ve ever lived with other people, you’ve experienced bathroom traffic a few times: that early morning rush where everyone struggles to finish their routines and impatiently waits for their turn on the bathroom sink. Sometimes, it happens at any time, too, when someone decides to use the sink exactly when you thought of it. 

So, imagine how easy life will be when you install two bathroom sinks: no more waiting, no stress, and no arguments over sink usage. With two sinks, you and your partner can use separate sinks simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about being late or how long your partner plans to use the sink. You can also deal with kids who love taking their time on the sink and avoid stress or arguments over sink usage. 

Two sinks allow multitasking.

If you’re very particular about your time and productivity, you may love having two sinks. With two bathroom sinks, you can easily do a quick laundry session yet still have access to another sink. You can soak clothes in one basin and use the other basin for other things. 

Two sinks eliminate clutter.

Everyone has different needs, so you may find that the one sink everybody uses is filled with clutter. You may also suffer from item mix-ups or instances when you can’t find your lotion, deodorant, and even your toothbrush. Two sinks can eliminate this clutter and provide you with a more organized bathroom since you can just agree to use and place things on one sink over the other. 

Two sinks ensure you can use at least one sink if the other breaks.

It’s hard to live without a bathroom sink and to need to run to the kitchen sink when your bathroom sink breaks. Two sinks ensure you still have a bathroom sink even when the other sink needs repair, eliminating the hassle and stress of having a broken or clogged sink. 

Two sinks boost your home’s value.

Best of all, two sinks in one bathroom also boost a home’s value. Two sinks are a modern convenience, and people who buy houses tend to value that. So, if you upgrade your bathroom into having two sinks, you get the benefit of using two sinks while staying in your home, and later the advantage of selling your house higher because of your sinks. 

Is Your Bathroom Too Small for Two Sinks?

Your bathroom’s layout and dimensions largely influence your project’s outcome, so illume can suggest your next steps once we obtain your room’s measurements. If you think your bathroom might be too small to accommodate two sinks, we can find a way to make things work for you. Some bathrooms can pull off double sinks despite looking small, while other bathrooms end up with a large sink with two faucets. You may think you need a lot of space to accomplish a double sink concept. Depending on the layout and dimensions, we may be able to achieve both. 

Contact Illume Property Partners to discuss your remodeling design options today. Whether you’re looking to improve your usability or increase the value of your home, we’re here to help.