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8 Ways to Transform a Bathroom into a Spa

8 Ways to Transform a Bathroom into a Spa

What does a bathroom need to feel like a spa? Sometimes, it’s as simple as switching out your light bulbs and adding some flower arrangements. But other times, you may need to take more drastic steps. Thankfully, we’re here to help with our handy checklist of ways you can transform that bathroom into a relaxing spa retreat!

1. Get new lighting.

Go for soft, light, and warm colors for your lighting. That way, your bathroom will feel more tranquil and inviting. You can also install a dimmer so you can adjust the intensity of the bathroom’s lighting as needed.

2. Repaint the walls.

Are your bathroom walls looking too dull? Then it’s time to repaint them to a different color. But it doesn’t have to be white. You can opt for relaxing pastels or neutrals that evoke the colors of nature. Or you can go for drama with contrasting colors. 

3. Play some music.

The right music can put you in the right mood. Create a playlist on your favorite music streaming service that you can play while you’re in the bath. It could be nature sounds like falling rain, twittering birds, or crashing waves. It could also be classical music if you’re into it. Any music that slows you down and puts you in the mood to relax is good. 

4. Add a scent to the room.

Just like music, scents can also put you in the right mood. Scents known for their calming effect include rosemary, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lemon, peppermint, and lavender. Try out some scented candles or bath salts with those aromas. Or you can use your own favorite scents.

5. Create an aromatherapy misting station.

Fill a mister with water and set it out with droplets of water on the side. You can even use your old shower head as an attachment. Spray at your preferred level of force. Spray into the air and relax on the bench for a relaxing, full-body effect.

6. Add some extra furniture.

Aside from the bench mentioned above, you can spruce up your bathroom with extra furniture if you have the space for it. For example, a chaise lounge would be divine for putting your feet up after a bath.

7. Unclutter your sink.

Clutter is not conducive to relaxation. In fact, it has the opposite effect—it can stress you out. So, if you want your bathroom to have that relaxing spa vibe, keep your counter or vanity clean and clutter-free. 

8. Add some decorations.

Decorations can make your bathroom more inviting and add some personality to the space. You can put a potted plant or a vase of flowers on your counter. A poster, painting, or graphic print also works. Or, if you own something quirky, like a collection of seashells or rocks, you can put them in a glass container and display them on your vanity. 

Ready to add a luxe, spa vibe to your bathroom? Feel free to contact us, and we can work together in creating a bathroom you’ll absolutely love.