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7 Tips on Picking the Best Type of Tile for Your Kitchen

7 Tips on Picking the Best Type of Tile for Your Kitchen

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Tiles are a terrific way to change the appearance of your kitchen, and they are available in a variety of designs. We decided to put together some pointers to make sure you choose the right tile for your project.

1. Consider the amount of protection you need.

Not all tiles may be the same. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are more durable than glass or stone for families with children or pets. Each of them will need a significant amount of cleaning and upkeep for daily usage. 

2. Go with a classic style for the most benefit. 

Ceramic tiles are available in a broad range of designs, so you should be able to select one that complements your interior design scheme. When redesigning a kitchen, most homeowners want to choose functional tiles and offer a sense of elegance to the space. Many homeowners like the look of thinner silver or gray tiles for modern restoration projects.

3. Pick up the right grout color.

No need to get every tile and grout color available when remodeling your kitchen; you may want to consider adding a few new colors to your design. Choosing grout colors that compliment your kitchen tiles may make or break your whole kitchen makeover project. 

4. Make sure you pick up the right mesh for your countertop.

Most tile is available in three main varieties: solid, patterned, and mosaic. Compared to granite countertops and ceramic tile, mosaic is a more affordable choice that may be a good option. If your countertop is large and flat, mosaic is a great way to differentiate between different tile types.

5. Take photos for future reference.

You never know when you'll want to show off your kitchen renovation effort to friends and family. Take photos of the countertops and backsplash before buying new tiles so you can remember the final design.

6. Make sure you have enough tiles for the job.

Because tile is often offered in boxes, it might be challenging to determine how many tiles you'll need for your project before you begin. In this case, you might need to buy more boxes or risk running out of tiles before your project ends. We propose that you count the number of boxes you need and then compare that number to the number of available tiles.

7. Pick up a guide. 

When selecting new tiles for your kitchen renovation project, you don't have to start from scratch. Ahead of time, various design guidelines and color palettes of tiles may help you get a jump start on the design process. It's also much simpler to locate what you're looking for when you already know how many tiles you'll need.

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