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7 Reasons Why You Need Smart Faucets in Your Home

7 Reasons Why You Need Smart Faucets in Your Home

Installing smart faucets in your home is one of the trendiest household upgrades you can do right now. But while they’re more popular these days, they’re not a new thing and have been around for years. 

So, why are smart faucets enjoying a popularity surge today? More importantly, why should you replace your existing faucets with smart ones if you haven’t already? 

We have seven reasons you can think about.

1. You can use a smart faucet without touching it.

Touch-free operation is perhaps the biggest selling point of any smart faucet. They’re powered with infrared sensor technology, so you won’t have to touch any handles or levers to turn them on or off. This feature is handy, given that faucets are some of the germiest spots in any home. If you don’t have to touch your faucets while using them, you can worry less about bacteria and viruses spreading at home.

2. You can preset a smart faucet to your desired water temperature.

If you want to use hot water from your sink, most of the time, you’ll have to let the water run first. Doing so is a waste of time, not to mention a waste of water. With a smart faucet, you can preheat the water to your desired temperature. These faucets come with digital displays that allow you to set the water’s temperature, among other things. Some of these displays can be controlled using your voice or a smartphone app.

3. Smart faucets are safer for kids.

Another great advantage of smart faucets is they’re safer for kids to use even while unsupervised. They won’t have to reach for the handles while washing their hands or brushing their teeth. And because you can preset the water temperature, you can avoid accidents like your child burning their skin with hot water.

4. Smart faucets allow you to reduce your water waste.

Those digital displays on smart faucets do more than just treat you to perfectly heated water. They can help you monitor your water usage and reduce your water waste. For example, if you only need a cup of water for your cooking, the tap can dispense precisely one cup of water. If you need one minute to wash your hands, you can set the faucet to stop water flow after exactly one minute. This feature is undoubtedly attractive if you want to make your home more eco-friendly.

5. You can have lower utility bills with smart faucets.

Yet another benefit you can enjoy from having a smart faucet that monitors your water usage is saving money on water bills. It may not seem like much, but letting your water run while doing things like brushing your teeth or washing your hands can add up and bloat your monthly utility costs. Having a faucet that turns off automatically lets you save water and, therefore, pay less on water. The long-term savings you’ll get can be significant enough to justify the initial expense of installing smart faucets.

6. Smart faucets are less fussy to clean.

Remember what we said earlier about faucets being some of the germiest spots in any home? Guess what—smart faucets are more sanitary and a lot easier to clean. You don’t have to touch them a lot, so they won’t collect germs as much as traditional faucets do. And most smart faucet models only need to be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. This means you get to spend less time on cleaning and more time on other tasks.

7. Smart faucets are cool and stylish.

Most smart faucets are designed to look sleek and stylish. They can make your kitchen or bathroom sink easy on the eyes. Also, how cool would it be for your guests to find that you can activate your faucets hands-free, through voice, or through a smartphone app? They’d be impressed, and it would be awesome.

Smart faucets are some of the trendiest products in home remodeling today. They’re convenient, safe, hygienic, and stylish. Moreover, they can help you save money and make your home more eco-friendly. You should definitely consider installing them if you’re remodeling your home.

At Illume, we assist homeowners in modernizing their homes with smart faucets and other automated fixtures. Call us today, and let’s see how we can help you.