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5 Ways to Improve Your Leasing Process

5 Ways to Improve Your Leasing Process

When it comes to attracting individuals or families looking for a place to call home, the competition between various leasing teams and rental properties can be tight. It’s important to remember that the service quality of a leasing team can sway the decision of a potential tenant to rent from you or not. For example, getting back to a potential client today versus two days from now can make a significant difference.

Here are five essential steps you can take to improve your leasing process

1) Respond swiftly and with complete information

One of the most critical things a leasing team should keep in mind is to answer all inquiries quickly. There’s nothing that turns off a prospective tenant more than not getting a response or waiting too long for a simple reply. When someone shows interest and asks for more information, make sure to answer on time with all the information they request.  

2) Give a warm welcome

When a guest enters your rental property or showroom, make sure to greet them warmly and politely. You want them to have a feeling of coming home. First impressions last, and the initial feeling that a potential tenant gets when entering a property will stay with them a long time. A sincere “Good morning, thank you for coming. How may we help you?” from your leasing team or agent will go a long way.

3) Pay attention to all your guests

If possible, entertain one guest or potential tenant at a time. If it’s an open house, make sure that one agent is attending to one guest at a time or two at the most. Make eye contact, be friendly, and listen to their questions and concerns. When they have a question that you can’t currently answer, get back to them as soon as possible. Guests should feel special and listened to.  

4) Highlight property features that they need

Highlight certain features depending on what the guests need. If you are talking to someone who works remotely, highlight Internet speed or the business center. If it’s a parent with young children, you can showcase the playground or swimming pool. You can also talk about the proximity of nearby parks and kid-friendly attractions.

5) Follow up, follow up, follow up

After the first meeting, make sure to follow up with the prospective tenant. Ask them if they have any follow-up questions, offer more information, and remind them about any available promos or discounts. Give them a call, email them, or message them a day or two after the meeting.  

These five simple steps can make the difference between having a new tenant and leaving your property unoccupied. Take these steps to maximize each meeting with a potential tenant, and you’ll soon see the difference they make. Hopefully, your investment property will soon be occupied with happy tenants. 

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