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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Property

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Property

Looking for ways to update your outdated rental property? Making modern upgrades is a simple way to boost the cost of your property. Check out some of our tips below.

1. Install minimalist window treatments

This quick and affordable replacement will make all of the difference in creating an updated look. Cordless blinds have the added benefit of being safer for families with children or pets.

2. Knock down unnecessary walls

Opening up the space in your rental property can be a huge game changer. An open floor plan is a big seller for a lot of individuals and families these days.

3. Make energy efficient upgrades

This study showed that renters might be more likely to choose a rental if they could compare energy costs with other properties. If you can make small energy efficient changes, like switching to LED light bulbs, potential renters could see that as a big plus.

4. Make sure the exterior is kept up

First impressions matter. Make sure you aren't only focusing on indoor upgrades, even if they seem the most important. Potential renters want to see an outdoor area that has been kept up with landscaping, pressure washing, etc.

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